The Field Network

Chicago, IL

Since 1994 The Field Chicago has offered two programs: Fieldwork & Field Trips.  Fieldwork workshops are six weeks in length.  They run four times a year and often conclude with an informal public showing of works-in-progress.  Field Trips is The Field Chicago’s fully produced performance event which happens each May and is open to Field and non-Field artists alike.  Complete information and applications for these programs are available at The Field Chicago’s website:



Judith Harding – (773) 338-2516

Clover Morell –  (773) 401-1119

Lauri Macklin –  (773) 506-2543

Nana Shineflug – (847) 724-1931


Facilitators 2008-09

Clover Morell

Kristina Fluty

Julie Mayo –,


Since 1994, The Quarry has been hosting Fieldwork Sessions and Fieldtrips every year to a wide expanse of Chicago based artists involved in the performing arts. Affiliated with Columbia College Chicago, Fieldwork sessions run during the academic year and bring together artists (usually 7-10 per session) from a range of different backgrounds and experiences. Fieldtrips are held every May and features a weekend-long marathon of performances by artists from all over the Midwest. All meetings and performances are held in the popular Chicago based performance venue Link’s Hall.


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