The Field Network

Houston, TX & Atlanta, GA

Fieldwork programming in Atlanta and Houston is offered by Several Dancers Core, which is a nonprofit contemporary dance organization based in both cities.   The idea to expand Field programming to cities outside New York sprung from conversations in the early 1990s between Sue Schroeder, artistic director of Several Dancers Core, and Steve Gross, then Co-Director of The Field NYC.  A ten-week Fieldwork session is offered in the fall and the spring in Atlanta and Houston.  The program in Atlanta is partnered with Emory University’s Dance Program, and the Fieldwork showcase is held on the campus at Emory in the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts black box dance studio theater.  The Houston session has most recently been partnered with Suchu Dance’s Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex as the space for the sessions and showcase performance. 


Fieldwork is part of Several Dancers Core’s “CORE Initiatives”–programs that continuously seek opportunities to enhance the personal and professional experiences of artists in general and dancers in particular.  The other two parts that make of Several Dancers Core are CORE Performance Company, the professional contemporary dance company, and CORE Presentations, that presents dance by CORE Performance Company and by visiting artists from around the US and the world.


The Field sessions in Atlanta and Houston are administered by Several Dancers Core, a dance organization, but they are multidisciplinary and often involve artists from a wide variety of mediums outside of dance.  Recently involved have been visual artists, puppeteers, spoken word artists, and writers, in addition to dancer/choreographers.  This variety in participants brings many different outlooks and types of feedback to the sessions, making them richer and more informative for the artists participating. 


Main contact for both cities:

D. Patton White,

Principal mailing address:  Several Dancers Core, P.O. Box 2045, Decatur, GA  30031-2045

Office phone:  404.373.4154


Facilitators Atlanta

Lori Teague,

Blake Dalton,

Ann Ritter,


Facilitators Houston

Neil Ellis Orts,

Jhon R. Stronks,


More Information:



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Hey Houston, have you guys heard of Spacetaker ( Misha Penton emailed The Field NYC last fall to introduce us to Jenni Rebecca Stephenson & David Brown at Spacetaker. Misha said that Spacetaker is ‘very much to Houston what The Field is to NYC, and I can’t help but think that there might be some cool inter-city/exchange things Spacetaker @ The Field might do.’ What say you? Would be curious to hear from you. -Michael Helland, The Field (

Comment by michaelhelland

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