The Field Network

Salt Lake City, UT

The Field/Salt Lake City holds three 8-week Fieldwork sessions annually for visual and performing artists.

Our programs are unique in that they are multi-disciplinary and include artists in all genres, including painters, dancers, musicians, writers, actors, psychotherapists, magazine editors, photographers, jewelry artists, graphic designers, filmmakers, landscape architects, and occasionally self-identified non-artists who would like to try ‘something creative.’  The Field is a perfect outlet for the thriving and growing artistic sub-culture in Salt Lake City.   Artists here crave an intelligent and sophisticated means of discussing and looking at art of all genres, and we believe that through the Field method, this is a reality. It is a small enough city that real collaborative connections are made and flourish thanks to the Field Workshop.

Margaret Willis, SLC Field Program Director


Amy Caron, Field Network Representative

Partner Organization: Dance Theatre Coalition (DTC)

History and Demographics:
Founded in 1997 at the initiative of Melissa Heston (dance, performance art), a graduate student at the University of Utah, in collaboration with Tay Haines (Artist Services, Utah Arts Council). Melissa, Tay and a focus group of modern dancers researched model programs around the country that supported artists in the creative process. The Field was appealing because it could apply to a broad range of artists – not just dancers. The Utah Arts Council/ Tay handled the coordinating. They brought a Field representative from NYC to Salt Lake to teach the method. The Utah Arts Council also paid the membership fees, etc, and administered the site in Salt Lake until Tay left the Arts Council in 2004. It was revitalized again a year later when Dance Theatre Coalition/Amy Caron picked up the ball of coordination and administration.


“I am extremely grateful for this experience.  I had given up on writing– been blocked for a few years now,  and also I didn’t think I was good enough.  But the workshop is NOT about being good enough, is it!   Now I sit at my computer on Sunday mornings and write ALL DAY until I can’t think straight anymore…  This workshop has truly been a catalyst to springboard into my future.”
-SLC Field Workshop participant, Zelma Jensen


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