The Field Network

San Francisco, CA

The Field / San Francisco
John Baumann, Co-Director
Jennifer Gwirtz, Co-Director

7700 Geary Blvd., #212
San Francisco, CA 94121
Phone: (415) 387-4812

Greetings from San Francisco to Fielders everywhere.  2008 is off to a good start as we have just completed two exciting 10-week Mixed Discipline Fieldwork sessions that culminated in public showings.  East Bay Mixed Discipline Fieldwork was facilitated by choreographer Mary Armentrout (Sunday evenings February 17 through April 20) and took place at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center in Berkeley ( with a performance on April 26 that was featured as a National Dance Week event.  Mixed Discipline Fieldwork in San Francisco was facilitated by choreographer/performance artist Jennifer Gwirtz at CounterPULSE ( and included an audience introduction to the Fieldwork method of feedback.  Both workshops were profitable, despite the Bay Area’s punishing economics, due in part to our establishing relationships with the two host spaces and negotiating rental agreements that allowed us to offer low fees compared to other Bay Area workshops.  CounterPULSE and Shawl Anderson Dance are also vital centers of the Bay Area performance scene, offering classes, workshops and performances that embrace Field-friendly grass roots, alternative and low-tech values and helping us with outreach to the community.
The Bay Area performance community has changed a great deal since 1995 and our first Mixed Discipline workshop.  Housing and performance/rehearsal rentals have become drastically more expensive.  After some years of expanding our offerings to include Career Development and Guest Artist workshops we have returned to the core mission of The Field, providing low-cost Mixed Discipline workshops three times a year in the Fieldwork method of peer feedback.  We are a leaner, meaner organization, relying less on formal board meetings and doing most of our publicizing and outreach via email, web and phone.  While costs have increased, we continue to fulfill our mission to support emerging and mid-career artists while reaching out to new generations of performers and audiences.  Our next workshop will take place Monday evenings September 8 through November 10 at CounterPULSE.  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about performing in the Bay Area!


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