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The Netherlands

Dansateliers, situated in the center of Rotterdam, is a professional dance-work place, a laboratory. Its doors are open to beginning choreographers as well as experienced dance makers. Dansateliers offers talented choreographers from all over the world the opportunity to do research, to develop a personal signature and to work with artists from other disciplines.

The 2007-2008 season focused on ‘body and mind,’ communication and highly individual development. We were proud to present the projects, which our young choreographers worked on with enthusiasm and dedication.  We were pleased to invite the public into the studio, where they experienced how innovative, exciting and accessible dance can be.

One project that will start off the season at Dansateliers is ONE NIGHT’S DANCE – a kind of open podium, an invitation to make new work, a showcase. The works are shown in the Dansateliers studio, each piece no longer than 10 minutes. One Night’s Dance is also directed towards bringing choreographers together and giving them an opportunity to share feedback.

This year, Dansateliers is offering all the participants free studio space and a Fieldwork workshop given by Lise Brenner. The project and the workshop have been organized to build ‘community’ and foster exchange among the dance makers participating in the project.

Lise started with an introductory session at the end of August in which people met, learned the Fieldwork guidelines and made further preparations for the project as a whole. On the following Wednesday, Thursday and Friday there were three afternoon sessions with all the choreographers participating in the project. In the weeks after that, five Fieldwork sessions have been planned as follow-up. Each choreographer will attend one or more sessions.

While Dansateliers has organized lots of talks with the audience after studio presentations and works with artistic advisors / dramaturges for each project, the Fieldwork approach to giving feedback is new in the Netherlands. We’re excited about the prospects of introducing it as a tool to a wider group of dance (and other) artists.


Jette Schneider:
Lise Brenner:


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